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Dealing with a near one post-stroke

October 31, 2019No Comments

Stroke is a deadly condition that not just destroys the well-being of a person but also of the people surrounding him/ her. In medical terms, a stroke is defined as a sudden cut-down of the blood supply to any part of the brain owing to a blocked artery or internal hemorrhage resulting in partial or permanent damage to the brain functions.

After a stroke, if the individual survives, life gets extremely difficult for them. An almost healthy and active individual before stroke gets transformed into a disabled and bed-ridden person, in most cases, post-stroke. Stroke results in loss of muscle co-ordination in most parts of the body, difficulty in swallowing, speaking and expressing. Sometimes the eyes are also affected as they are also connected to the brain via the optic nerves. The intensity of the disability depends on the part of the brain where the stroke has occurred. In some cases, the blood clots from those particular parts of the brain can be removed by surgical intervention, but in the other cases, surgery might not be possible. The only option there remains medicines and post-stroke rehabilitation which mostly includes physiotherapy, speech therapy, acupuncture, and other such procedures to restore the normal functions of the body, at least to some extent. Now let us discuss some steps related to the care of an individual post-stroke:

1.      Hospital stay: Unlike the other diseases, stroke cannot be treated at home by any means. If you notice the symptoms of stroke in your near and dear ones, symptoms such as drooping of the jaw, difficulty in speaking and swallowing, loss of muscle coordination, severe headache, numbness of any part of the body, without wasting a second, take them to the nearest hospital. If some cases the person suffering a stroke might become unconscious and you might need to call for an ambulance. Once in the hospital, the patient will be immediately taken to the ICU and his/ her vitals will be monitored. In most cases, hypertension or excessively high blood pressure is the most common cause of a stroke.

Diabetic, obese, individuals with heart ailments or high cholesterol levels are also more prone to suffer a stroke. The first three hours from the time stroke has occurred is considered to be the golden period. If treatment, which mostly includes the administration of the drug tPA for dissolving the clot, can be given, in most cases, the patient is most likely to survive. Hospital stroke post-stroke can range from few days to few months, depending on the nature of the damage. Another treatment that goes hand-in-hand with medicines is physiotherapy and exercise for stroke patients.

2.      Physiotherapy: Right from the hospital days, physiotherapy is mandatory for a stroke patient, from the time he/she is stable. Even after the person is released from the hospital and goes home, physiotherapy is an important part of the post-stroke treatment which ranges from a few months to even years. A professional physiotherapist must be appointed who will understand the nature of the disability and subject the patients to exercises based on that. Helping the patient to move their body might seem to be the most difficult thing, but an experienced physiotherapist will apply various techniques to make the patient mobile and active. The one who has undergone a stroke might feel that the doctors are being harsh to them, as shifting slightly from their position might seem challenging.

Even after you have recovered and are quite mobile, your doctor and physiotherapist might warn you to do certain things which might see, harsh to you. According to these Chiropractors, if you return to early, you might risk getting re-injured and increase the chances of developing a chronic injury or pain. It is very important to listen to your physiotherapist and doctor even if you think that you have recovered completely after a stroke, as its effects can last for a lifetime.

3.      Speech therapist: In most stroke patients difficulty in swallowing and speaking is a common factor, a speech therapist can help you move the muscles of your tongue and jaw muscles and help you live with dignity. Various and prolonged exercise sessions can be associated with both speech and physiotherapy which can be difficult for the patient to follow, but active co-operation from the part of the patient and his/her family can help them recover completely.

Dealing with a stroke can be difficult for anyone but with patience and dedication, one can surely come out of this terrible condition.

All About Child Neurologists

January 14, 2019No Comments

When talking about a pediatric neurologist of palm beach, there seems to be often confusion about certain facts about what they do and what they offer. Here is a brief breakdown concerning everything you ever wanted to know about pediatric neurology.

Firstly, this is a doctor who treats specific nerve problems thatpediatric neurologist of palm beach the patient may have. Obviously, since the doctor is a pediatrician, they will always be dealing with children. Issues with the nervous system can start in a wide range of places including the muscles, the brain, the spine, and, of course, the nerves themselves. Some of the most common problems stemming from nervous system disorders include seizures, debilitating headaches, and even developmental delays.

To become a pediatric neurologist of palm beach, the doctor must first graduate from 4 years of medical school. After this, they must perform a 1 to 2-year residency in a general pediatric setting. From here, the doctor must then go through a three-year program specifically tailored for pediatric neurology which also includes a one-year program for adult neurology. In addition to this, some pediatric neurologists go through an additional 1 to 2-year fellowship. This fellowship trains them in a sub-specialty such as genetics, epilepsy, or other neuromuscular diseases.

As you can see, there is a lot which goes into becoming a pediatric neurologist of palm beach. They go through many years of training and must definitely “prove their worth” before becoming an actual licensed practicing doctor. However, if your child is suffering from any range of neurological disorders than it is great news that these doctors must get through so much schooling. This much education ensures the parents that their child will be in the very best of hands. Don’t delay, take your child to the doctor today!

Undergoing Discreet and Empathetic Treatment

December 14, 2018No Comments

When you suffer from a health condition that compromises your sexual function, you may feel embarrassed about it. You might feel like it is your fault or that you did something to cause it. You also may not be willing to talk to a family practitioner about it.

Rather than allowing the problem to continue, you instead could seek out treatment from a facility that specializes in these types of health issues. By undergoing care for disinterest in sex, depression, and erectile dysfunction barlett tennessee residents like you could soon overcome the problem and once again enjoy a normal sex life.

Uncovering the Basis for the Issue

You may not know what is causing your ED or what you can do about it. All you know is that you cannot perform as you once did. You may feel frustrated, embarrassed, and not willing to engage in a romantic relationship with anyone.

When you undergo treatment at the facility, you will be given a thorough and complete physical examination. The medical staff will check your blood levels, thyroid, and other bodily systems to make sure they are operating as they should. You also may undergo a psychological examination to determine if you suffer from anxiety or depression.

The physical examination will reveal what is causing the issue and how it can be treated. Your doctor will use the results of your tests to determine the best remedy for it.

The entire time you are receiving care from the facility, you can be assured of your privacy. No one will make fun of your issue or place the blame on you. The medical staff is experienced in dealing with this issue and will be empathetic to your situation.

You do not have to deal with ED on your own. Instead, you can get the medical help you need for it by seeking professional and discreet treatment at a facility that specializes in remedying this medical issue. You can look forward to empathetic and discreet medical care and overcoming this common male hormonal challenge in a timely manner.

Why You Should Choose Recovery Housing To Overcome Addiction

November 9, 2018No Comments

If you just completed drug rehab, then you probably have some reservations about recovery house in Arlington VA. After completing the rehab program, you are probably ready to move on with your life. It is common to want to get in the real world and work on your recovery.

Unfortunately, relapse is high for someone who has just completed a rehab program. Read on to find out why you should choose sober housing to overcome addiction.

Live In An Abstinence-Based Environment

Some addicts are reluctant to seek treatment because the fear of stopping drug use. It also leads to withdrawal symptoms. If you are just getting out of rehab, then you want to stay away from anything that encourages drug use. Sober housing allows you to live in an abstinence-based environment.

An addict is always at risk for relapse. If you want to stay clean, then you have to avoid the substance entirely.

Remove Temptations

To overcome addiction, you cannot return to the same toxic environment. You cannot hang with friends that you use to do drugs with. Negativity can also trigger a relapse. You do not want to be around anyone that does not support your recovery. However, your road to recovery starts with removing temptations. Sober living gets rid of any unnecessary temptations.

Gain A Support System

A sober living house allows you to live in a complete recovery environment. You have access to 12 step programs, group counseling and individual counseling. The residents of the housing are going through addiction and can give you advice.

Residents are also held accountable for their actions. The sober living staff provides you with positive reinforcements for changing negative behaviors.

It is hard to overcome addiction, but not impossible. You must be discipline and take advantage of your resources. Many people are not able to stop drug use without treatment.